The 1880 designation acknowledges the year grapevines were first planted in the village of Trenton. The town center and general store are long gone, but Trenton is very much alive within the hearts and minds of the local community and grape growers along the Russian River.

Also called “Trenton Station,” the picturesque area is situated at the northern end of Laguna Ridge and about eight miles east of where the river empties into the cold Pacific Ocean. Morning and afternoon fog are frequent visitors in a climate dominated by the cooling properties of the ocean and river, ensuring the development of beneficial grape acidity.

The signature Goldridge soils — dark yellow, fine sandy-loams over fractured sandstone — control vine vigor so that photosynthesis is directed at grape development versus excessive shoot growth.


  • 2014 E16 Russian River Valley "Trenton 1880" Pinot Noir, 92 Points, Tasting Panel Magazine 

Martaella Vineyards were developed in 2007 with 42 acres of pinot noir clones Dijon and 828 in a high-density planting. The mix of location and cultural practices strikes an optimum balance of aroma, flavor and structure.

Vineyard Details:
OwnersHTO Properties
SoilHuichica series clay loam
Exposure360 degrees
ClonesDijon, 828
Rootstock420A | 4 x 4
Year Planted2007